Thursday, September 15, 2022

Support Ukraine Relief and Get a Chance to Win This 3-D Printed Uke

Rigk Sauer makes the terrific and iconic Uke Solid. Now he's designed the Ukralele: a 3-D printed sopranino that he's raffling off to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

Sez Rigk:
You could win this 3D printed electric ukulele (sopranino) by donating to the victims of the Ukraine War. For every 10 € you send to paypal until the end of October 2022, you will receive a ticket for the drawing. All proceeds from this action will be donated to the "Emergency Aid Ukraine" organization "Aktion Deutschland Hilft". Best of luck!

Here's a link to the donation/entry page. There are links for production videos that are pretty cool!  Link

1 comment:

Howlin' Hobbit said...

wow! haven’t seen the name Rigk Sauer in a while!

alas, I’m so broke I can’t pay attention. I’d love to help folks out in the Ukraine mess, but it’s just not possible.

the little niƱo is cute as a bug’s ear, and it plugs in (unlike mine), but I wouldn’t donate just for the chance to add it to my collection. doing something decent really is it’s own reward.

nonetheless, Rigk is an absolute mensch for coming up with the idea and donating the little fella to the cause.

I’ll at least spread the word about the raffle.

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