Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Saw Lady...

It's a quite night in Ukuleletown. After 2am. The bars have all closed and the streets are slick from a recent rain. As I walk by an alley in the theater district, a plaintive, keeing sound fills the air; emanating from the stage door from one of the theaters.
I walk down the alley and poke my head in. There is a lovely woman with a saw and a bow making the most marvelous music.

Musical saw is an instrument that seems to go well with ukulele (yes, there is a ukulele connection!) More and more musicians are discovering it's joys. Bliss Blood from the Moonlighters, has played one for years. Joel Eckhaus, from Earnest Instruments, plays one. There's one in the Asylum Street Spankers, as well as the Hot Potato Syncopaters, to name just a few. The sound it produces seems to blend well with the sweet charm of the ukulele.

Natalia Paruz or The Saw Lady, as she is know, plays it better and knows more about it than anyone I've run across. Her website is a cornucopia of information on the instrument and her performances. There's even instruction and advice for beginners.

Get one, fill the air with wonder.


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