Friday, November 10, 2006

transatlantic colloquialisims

I first heard 'em at Ukulele Noir Cinq. After their stand out performance at the New York Uke Fest last April, I was ready to declare Les Chauds Lapins the best thing to ever happen to banjo ukuleles!

'course, they sing exclusively in french.

'bout time they made it to the old country.
"21 Novembre, 20h30
Bistrot des Artistes rue des Anglais, 5ème arrt
métro le plus proche: Maubert mutualité.
entrée libre!
C'est vrai! Nous alons jouer à Paris! Directement de Brooklyn, Les Chauds Lapins apportera leur version particulière des chansons françaises classiques à Paris. Wouldn't you know? Our first Parisian gig will be on the "rue des Anglais"."
Meg Reichardt and Kurt Hoffman

(I know it seems like there's a lot of french posts here, but Kurt and Meg are really americans. really. )


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