Monday, November 06, 2006

Ukulele Takes the Airwaves!

Two ukulele people part-timing as DJs. One in California and one in Massachusetts. Tune them in if you get the chance.

Peter Hurney, of Pohaku Ukuleles (see his shop building on the left), writes: "My radio show on KALX Berkeley is finally going on air. “Alternate Tunings” is a show produced by myself and Julie Bruins which examines unusual out of the ordinary musical instruments. This pilot episode is on the harpsichord, and every ½ hour episode culminates with the ‘Ukulele Minute’, everyone’s favorite alternate instrument.

Our show will originally be aired only once a month on the third Wednesday at 9:00 AM."


and Mary J. Martin, marvelous ukuleleist and Provincetown, MA resident, writes "I am now officially a substitute DJ on WOMR.ORG. (on Cape Cod)" link

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