Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RISA Crystal'Ellie

I've been doing some design work for Shane Co. of late. (If you don't have one of their stores in your area, they're a terrific retail jeweler, perhaps best known for the radio commercials done by Tom Shane, the company's founder, if not for Tom's memorable voice itself.)

Tom's a really great guy, and so I was thinking, maybe I should design a Shane Co. ukulele for him the way I did the Dairy Queen uke for Warren Buffett (who, coincidentally, also owns a jewelery store). Too late, I guess, as it seems that RISA's Rigk Saur has beaten me to the punch. Link


Anonymous said...

hello gary,

you clearly know alot about ukulele music and i' m going mad searching for this one song I keep hearing in movies and everywhere!!! plz hepl me!!!!
It's a love song, very soft and and it strats with some "ooouuuuhhhh ooouuuhhh ouh oouuuuuhh" I know it's not much but if you have any pointers at all I would really appreciate it.



Anonymous said...


Do you mean IZ's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World" medley? It's 'everywhere' lately, as you said, and starts out "ooouuuuhhhh ooouuuhhh ouh oouuuuuhh."

Good Luck, p9k

Tim said...

Look for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole on iTunes. This song is on his album "Facing Future". Also, do a search on his name at Amazon.com. You will find a book about him released last fall. Sadly, he died in 1997 at the age of 38, leaving us with a rich legacy of his music.

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