Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Venerable Venue

Ukulele Noir 23 was held at the historic Bull Run Tavern in Shirley, Mass. on February 17, ’07. You can see some videos from the performance at the Ukulele Noir website.
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The Bull Run has been around since 1740. How did it get it’s name??
“Upon one occasion, during the War Between the States (Civil War), the stage brought news that in the Battle of Bull Run all was not going well for the North. An argument ensued in the Taproom. In those days a lusty brawl was great sport for all, and when the scuffling had ended, lo!, no one was left on his feet save the burly bartender!
A late comer opened the door and asked, "What news of the battle? " To which the bartender is reputed to have replied, "We just fought the Battle of Bull Run right here! "
Thus was born the present name for the old tavern, for the town wag, amused by the story, the next day painted the words "BULL RUN" on a sign board and hung it over the bar. The name caught on and has lasted to the present day.”
Our kinda place.
The Bull Run Link.

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