Thursday, March 01, 2007

Short Month Ukuleles

There is no Spring in Ukuleletown. Not this early in the year. Dirty, trodden snow still lines the slippery sidewalks and the sky is usually leaden. Pregnant with precipitation.

A good day to stay inside, drink beer and play ukuleles. Fellow Noiristas Tim Mann and Greg Hawkes showed up just before Robert Wheeler pulled up to the Noir Manor in his black VW convertible; his coat wrapped around him like a new wife and the convertible top down.

Much drinking and singing and passing back and forth of ukuleles ensued. My favorite of them all? Why, the Elias Howe Superbo soprano, it was delicious!

From the Founder’s collection:
left to right ... Weymann (20's), Superbo- Elias Howe, Boston 20's, Gibson 50's, Gibson (The Gibson logo) late 20's ---- top Vega A.Godfrey - Deluxe 50's --- all, strangely enough, mahogany.

New acquisitions by Greg Hawkes: a 50s Martin Baritone and a new Kamaka soprano

Tim Mann’s little lovely: a 50s Regal Victory soprano in red, white and blue!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love that Victory Regal. There is one on ebay right now. Starting at $350, no bids. Sooo tempting...

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