Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kamaka Web Site

I had waited so long for the Kamaka site to go live, I must have missed the big launch. But, hey, if I missed it, chances are that you did, too. So here it is. Check out the History section, with photos of several legendary instruments, like this 14-string tenor made by Sam Sr. in the '30s.
"This is a very unique piece which we had never seen before it was loaned to us by our friend Nuni Walsh. A 14-string tenor made by Sam Sr., this piece is from the 30's. It originally included a blue special label and the blue pineapple decal on the headstock, now worn away. However, it still retains two original large pineapple decals overlapped on the soundboard between the bridge and sound hole. It was also made with one-piece top and back construction. Rope purfling decorates the outer edge of the top and sound hole. The four-pin bridge secures all 14 strings."
I also learned the meaning of the KK logo and the name Kamaka ("the eye" or "the vision") in the aptly titled Fun FAQs section.

My primary uke is a 70s era Kamaka soprano named Cindy (after the woman I bought her from--I got that idea from a friend who named all her cars after the people she bought them from). Everyone should have a Kamaka.



Anonymous said...

Which one should I purshase: Pineapple or standard shape?

Gary said...

Alan, I think it's a matter of preference. Try both out and see what you like best!

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm at Elderly I will. I like the idea of the 8 stringed tenor. I'd love to hear it.

I've got 5 right now: a 1990's Martion S-O, a soprano Flea (Fluke), a Bushman Jenny Concert, a Kiwaya Rock Uke (telecaster), and a Gold Tone Banjo Uke. I love them all - they all sound different from each other (Martin is loud, Flea is fuller, Kiwaya is in between, Bushman is a bright tone and the banjo - well, you know! I'd like a resonator uke someday and a tenor. And finally one really nice Koa uke. That should be enough! (but you know, once you've got the uke bug, it's all over!)

I must say that my wife has been a good sport all through my mania.

Gary said...

Then go for a Kamaka Tenor, and be just like Jake! That would round out your stash nicely. Tell your wife that my wife said you had permission. (I made that part up, so don't tell my wife!)

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