Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sundodgers Delight Sweethearts

Yesterday we held our Sweethearts' Luncheon at my Masonic Lodge. (Yes, believe it or not, the world's coolest ukulele bloggers are Masons. Well, two out of the three of us are, but Craig likes funny hats, too.) It's our annual tribute to the ladies in our lives--especially our brothers' widows.

Accompanying the menu of local kine food from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue was a healthy helping of Dodge's Sundodgers. They were a huge hit with everyone who attended. Since I was in charge of the event, I didn't get much time to just sit back and enjoy the performance, but I did have a bit of a zen moment that's worth sharing.

As the afternoon was winding down, Al and crew took up Aloha Oe as their final number. It suddenly dawned on me that this amazingly rich and lively sound was coming from just five people, strumming. No movement on the stage except their hands strumming, moving as one.

And the fact wast that this simple up and down strumming motion was producing the intricate sound I was hearing. But it didn't seem to match. It was like the music was divorced from the action. That's about as best as I can describe it. But if you watch the video I have posted here, and just try and watch their hands, I think you'll get a sense of it.

Be sure to catch the Sundodgers whenever you can. And better yet, hire 'em. What a treat.

(Mahalo nui loa, Sundodgers!)


Craig said...

I do not wear funny hats. I wear elegant hats. But sometimes they are viewed by funny people.

Gary said...

Did I say "wears"? I believe I said "likes."

I like those little French Maid outfits. I do not wear them, however.


Craig said...

oooooh. I get it. You like french maids in funny hats!

Gary said...

May Wee!

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