Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Okay, here's a free idea for any our our loyal Ukulelia readers who happen to be in the travel agency business: How about putting together a ukulele tour package? Pre-arranged, guided tours to the shops of several luthiers. If it's Hawai'i, hop to several islands. Heck, hop around the globe! Call it the Endless Strummer Tour.

There you are. Run wild with it. Just be sure to give us credit for the idea. And consider us for comps!


Anonymous said...

There should be a ukulele cruise, like the blues cruises, with performances, workshops, lessons.

Gary said...

Won't you let me take you on a
G Sea E A Cruise?!

Unknown said...

I like Gary's. You could simplify:

GoSEA Cruise

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, as long as there's no bathing suit competition.

Anonymous said...

Our long range plans include a Maine windjammer uke cruise as well as an Oahu Ukulele tour.

Gary said...

What, no bus tour of the Indiana Ukulele Heartland?

Anonymous said...

Here is a video from last January.

Also there is a uke cruise to Hawaii in October 2010. Google ukesatsea.
Another cruise scheduled in the Caribian next March

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