Thursday, May 03, 2007

Martin 5 Daisy

Well, maybe if you missed out on the lottery to buy a Jake Shimabukuro signature model Kamaka, you'll find consolation in buying one of these. Patterned after the famous model 5 that CF III made personally for his wife, Daisy. Only 100 will be made. Link


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that the sound of this instrument would be worth that much money. I like my $299 Martin S-O a lot - can $5,000 be sound that much better?

Gary said...

Good question, Alan. I have a birthday coming up this month and I'm hoping that someone will buy me one of each so I can play them and report.
The new Martin S-Os got a bad rap initially when they came out, but either Martin stepped up the quality a bit or folks were too quick to compare the new ukes to vintage Martins, cuz most of what I've heard recently is positive reaction to the new ones. So you like yours?

Anonymous said...

You can get the style 5 for about $3400 if you shop around.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of my Martin, which I bought around 1997. It wasn't the best made, though. The back split recently because one of the inside braces did not span from one side to the other. It split right where it ended. But it's fixed ($60 later) and it still sounds good. It's loud and not mellow. I like to play it for bluegrass and old country blues. I'm using black Hilo strings on it right now, but want to try Aquila next.

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