Saturday, April 04, 2009

Aloha for John

Here are some more links that we post in honor of John King's life and legacy.

Here is a current discussion on the Flea Market Music Bulletin Board.

This is John's site, Nalu Music, with more information about his recordings and scholarship.

Here is John's YouTube channel.

John will be remembered for many, many contributions to the ukulele music and scholarship. A tangible example is his recreation of the earliest ukulele compositions and techniques. In this video, John plays Ernest Ka'ai's Maile Waltz from 1906. This technique is probably as close to what the Hawaiians saw and heard from the sailors from the Ravenscrag as you're going to get. And John is playing it on an historically accurate instrument: it's a reproduction ofn an 1890 Jose do Espirito Santo ukulele built by Mike DaSilva.

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