Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kokua Hawaii Foundation Auction

Jack Johnson's Kokua Hawaii Foundation is having a charity auction in lieu of a festival this year:
"What do Willie Nelson's sneakers, Jack's Johnson's guitar and tickets to a Eddie Vedder concert all have in common?*

They are just three of over twenty one-of-a-kind items available exclusively at the Kokua Hawai'i Foundation Benefit Auction this month. Bid on numerous collectible items and concert opportunities from past Kokua Festival artists, as well as fun eco-themed experiences and gift certificate packages from friends of the Kokua Hawai'i Foundation.

The first annual Kokua Hawai'i Foundation Benefit Auction begins on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd and bidding continues thru May 1st. All proceeds support Kokua Hawai'i Foundation programs….so don't be shy and have fun bidding on your favorite items!"
Up for sale are a Maccaferri Islander uke autographed by John Cruz and a Ko'olau uke signed by Jack Johnson.


*To which we'd reply, they're all items from famous ukulele players, or their dads.

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Hippie Guy said...

Jack's Kokua Fest really is a great thing. I haven't heard much about the action, but the concert that he does is cool. The whole event is solar powered and everything is eco friendly. Our friend Jack has his head screwed on right! I'd like to go sometime. I hope he makes another album. Last I heard it didn't sound like he was going to. But, that's his decision and if that's what's best for him, cool.

Jam on,


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