Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cookie Tin Ukes

Okay, one last goodie from King David. Here's the perfect use for the empty cookie tin you have laying around after the holidays. This guy (the mysterious "Voudi") uses buiscuit tins to craft "Kujuloulou's"--crosses between banjo and resonator ukes.
I'm particularly intrigued by the novel string guide he's added above the nut to keep the strings taut against his offset headstock design (see image, left). Link. Yet another here. Yummy!

While you're in metal mode, check out these beautiful "Canukes", too.

UPDATE: Bill Clagett was kind enough to point out a broken link on this story as well as point us to the cookie tin banjo he made. (An entire sub-species: who woulda known? What could be next? Stainless steel resonator bedpan instruments? Okay, ukefans, there's your big idea for the day...)

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