Sunday, October 28, 2007

Any comment I make would be superfluous


Anonymous said...

Her choice? She loves the ukulele!

Craig said...

What the hell is that chord he's playing anyway?

Gary said...

Why it's either an A+7sus4, a Dsus4 or complete garbage. I'm guessing the latter. Craig, why don't you pen a song entitled "Girls' Romances" and strike that chord whenever you sing the phrase "Tragic Choice."?

Craig said...

That chord is a tragic choice. Who the hell ever heard of a "A+7sus4"? If he's dumb enough to choose that shirt, he's not smart enough to use that chord.

She's leavin' him anyway. For some guy who knows a Cminor6.

Gary said...

Maybe the uke is just a ruse. I'll be he has a dental mirror glued to the back of the headstock, and he's just trying to check out her cleavage. Stupid on his part: she has none, and she's clearly checking out the guy who knows a Cm6.

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Gege Dai said...
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