Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lusty Ukulele

Iggy Pop had a big hit with the song “Lust for Life”. Did you know that it started life as a song written by David Bowie on the ukulele?

the YouTube Interview, the Part about the Ukulele is about at 6:20

(thanks, Shelley from UkeBox)


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to hear the original uke version! :)

Gary said...

I had Iggy's dad for English in High School: James Osterberg (Sr.) at Fordson H.S. in Dearborn, MI. If Iggy had a flat-top and glasses, he'd look just like his dad in 1977!

James Hill teaches the "Lust for Life" strum in his workshops. But sadly, few attendees seem to know this classic strum, so he calls it the "Barbara Ann" strum (Ba-ba-ba, Ba-ba-bra-Ann).

Nipper said...

Great find Craig...Now a version for TUSC...But who to get to strip to the waist and throw themselves around the club.


Craig said...

don't forget the razor blades and broken glass...

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