Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ukulele Holiday Classics

Forget A Christmas Story. (Imagine: asking for a Red Ryder BB Gun rather than a Martin Uke back in the 40s. Rather than a rusty, unshootable relic, today you'd have a sweet vintage player. Oh, Fuuuuuuddddddge!)

Here's the movie that every uke player will love to unwrap on Christmas day: the newly-released DVD edition of Bill Robertson's now-classic Rock That Uke.

Currently available exclusively at Elderly Instruments at this link. Sez Bill:
"In addition to the 62 minutes of madness that constitutes the documentary itself, the DVD features over 80 minutes of additional performances by artists featured in the documentary--including Janet Klein, Oliver Brown, Ukefink, Carmaig de Forest, Robert Armstrong, Songs From a Random House and others.

"There' are even a couple of "Easter Eggs" (as they're called) hidden on the DVD--one of which is an extremely enjoyable critique left on my voicemail by a drunken Canadian television producer who shall remain nameless. (Spoiler: He wasn't your "happy" variety of drunks.)"
Unrated, but decidedly adult fare. Order a copy today. "You'll uke your eyes out." I triple dog dare you.

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