Saturday, August 02, 2008

There's NO UKING in BASEBALL!!??

As we posted earlier, the stupendous ukulele/tuba duo of Adam and Fred Wilbur won the Baby Ruth contest to lead the crowd at the 2008 MLB All Star Game in singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Then, in a move that relegates Baby Ruth back to the status of floating turd and casts a pall against the great American institution of baseball, the genius producers of the event tell Adam to leave the uke at home. (We didn't catch the broadcast, but have heard that after all the ballyhoo about commemorating the 100th anniversary of TMOTTBG during the 7th Inning Stretch of the All Star Game, they didn't bother to broadcast it. Cut to a Flomax commercial, we heard. What a pisser. Bunch o' Merkles...)

Now outraged ukulele players are fighting back. With this video, the gauntlet has been thrown! Sez Terry Truhart:
"It's sad that Major League Baseball cannot embrace the aloha spirit of this beautiful, harmless instrument that's a gift from the Hawaiian people."

Post a video response on YouTube and help demonstrate that "Major League Baseball needs the ukulele more than the ukulele needs Major League Baseball"! Here are the video responses so far. (Terry sez that if you need a little liquid courage to do it, as Eddie Vedder apparently did, he has no objections.)

A note to Oakland Athletics fans. Let's show up en mass at an upcoming game with our ukes and meet up during the Stretch. Add a comment (below) if you're interested. Heck, even if you're not an A's fan, join in. This'll be fun.

And by the way, catch Terry at the Windy City Uke Fest happening this weekend at The Tiki Terrace on the Garden Isle of Des Plaines, Illinois.
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