Friday, August 01, 2008

UkeTalk: I Like You!

It's been a while since we've had a chance to poke around on Kevin Crossett's UkeTalk site. In addition to being the host of UkeTalk, Kevin owns GuitarSam, a music store in Montpelier, VT, and builds Kepasa Ukuleles. (Craig Robertson is the lucky owner of a Josephine soprano, so we'll let him chime in with a word or two about his little lady.)

Much to our great delight, we made a wonderful discovery on the UkeTalk discussion forum. In the Tabs & Lessons forum, we learned that Geoff Davis will be posting his chord solos to the Blue Stone Folk School site. Geoff, as everyone knows, is Governor of the Great State of Ukiana, and founder of the Key Strummers.

Geoff will be offering the solos at a modest price, with proceeds supporting Blue Stone. As a tease, he's made a free posting of his chord solo arrangement of Sol Ho'opi'i's "I Like You". We first fell in love with this tune by listening to Janet Klein. She's recorded it twice, on Come Into My Parlor and Put a Flavor to Love. We searched for the chords for some time in vain, so we're particularly grateful to Geoff for working it out. Here is the page where you will find the chord solo for "I Like You."

Mahalo, Geoff!


Anonymous said...

The one thing about jeff that drives me nuts is that for the past few years he has not made 1 (one) comment on any ukulele forum that has not pertained to him selling something. i used to see him post all of the time on fleamarketmusic chiming in with pearls of wisdom. but now, he wont speak unless its to make money. dont believe me? search the forums.

Geoffrey Davis said...

I'm truly sorry that my promotions drive you nuts...really.

I assure you that I haven't made any money promoting ukulele and traditional arts. In fact, I've poured my own money into my efforts to preserve and promote traditional arts.

My ukulele work is through Blue Stone Folk School, an incorporated not-for-profit. We are funded by tuition and donations. These come only when folks know about our programs.

My goals is not to put money in my pocket, but to expose provide folks with unique ukulele experiences and to provide opportunities for ukulele folks to play and to teach.

I appreciate your comments about pearls of wisdom. Please take a minute and share yours. How can I promote ukulele awareness and keep Blue Stone Solvent without promoting our work?

Re: my participation on Flea Market. I'm working full time as a school teacher and running the folk school. I simply do not have the time that I used to troll the bulletin boards.

Please come forward and participate in this dialogue. It's to the benefit of all of us.


Anonymous said...

ohh! its on now. just kidding.

i noticed that i spelled your name wrong. i apologize.

jeff, just knowing that you would reply to this message shows that you are still a person of good character. i really meant no harm in this and i think you were understanding in that. i was just concerned as a forum friend (which gives me what right to say anything about anyone?). its just that i had seen your postings evolve from informative insight about lutherie and playing to just plain advertising. and maybe i was just wondering what had happened. i understand that there is not much money in what you do and I appreciate your efforts in getting the arts into peoples hands.

just take this as a whine from a guy who is hungry for knowledge and wondering where some of his free food went (i know, spoiled). keep it up geoff. and maybe post some more pictures of that sweet reso that you have been making (is it spanish heel?)

Geoffrey Davis said...

I am so glad that your comments were meant in a positive light. I realize that my public image has shifted and there are parts of it that I don't like. Your comments have given me some positive things to reflect upon.

The resonator is not a Spanish heel. It just didn't make sense. There is no tradition of Spanish heels in resos.

At this time the neck is attached with a simple mortise. It offers a lot of glue surface and has posed no problems.


Gary said...

Thank you for reminding us what gentlepersons uke players are!

Craig Robertson said...

Nice comments, guys...but I don't mind touting Kepasa Ukuleles. My Josephines are the tops.

Anonymous said...

i also have a josephine and it is a loud ass mamma jamma. i love it.

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