Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hamlet's Soliloquy as a Song

Via Neatorama:

"Courtney Welbon had to memorize the “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Hamlet for school and decided that she’d have an easier time at it if she turned it into a song. It’s now a light and cheerful work."

Now: to pick or not to pick. Not. Srsly. No picks, please.* Link

* The only Thou Shall Not in my book. Unless you have arthritis, which compels one fellow I know to use a felt pick. I'm even beginning to (grudgingly) turn the blind eye when professionals who insist on playing Red Mahalos neglect to properly tune up. (Amanda P, are you listening?) But picks? I'd prefer they be banished to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns.


David said...

I agree about picks. I used them at first when I was a new player because I thought it made my uke sounding better (louder). It happened to be that my uke sucked. The crazy thing is that Courtney probably has finger nails that would make most ukulele players really jealous.

Ron Hale said...

I won't even deign to condescend to acknowledge your ugly anti-pickism, Gary.

Except to mention that when you mock picks you mock the likes of UOGB. Langley. Talilele.

Now, AFP plays a red Hilo, by the by. Her fans don't seem to care that she doesn't play some sort of uber-uke. Or doesn't make it weep.

Her uke is something of an icon, in fact. Up there with Jon Braman's bari.

And you don't topple the one percent with a custom koa job.
You join them...

Ron Hale said...

Gary, if you haven't seen the new YouTube video:

Addicted To Love

take a look.

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