Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bob Brozman's New Ukulele Toolbox DVDs

I just ordered and received Bob Brozman's new 2 DVD series: The Ukulele Toolbox Volumes 1 and 2. I've only had a chance to watch 30 minutes of the first disk, but thus far it's terrific. I've taken two lessons from Bob, and I've always left feeling that my uke has turned into a Sawzall--an amazingly powerful and versatile tool. So the title for the series is spot on.
"THE UKULELE TOOLBOX series is in C tuning (G-C-E-A), and is suitable for Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles. These DVDs are designed to build on easy-entry fundamentals, providing a huge toolbox of useful techniques, sounds, and concepts. For beginner and intermediate/advanced players alike, these lessons are packed with ideas which can be applied to many types of music, from vintage popular uke songs to blues, jazz, swing, Caribbean, and Hawaiian sounds. This series is a great starting place for beginners, but will also offer intermediate and advanced players powerful tools and shortcuts for improvising and arranging."
You can order the DVDs directly from Bob Brozman's site, here.


Diane said...

I'm posting a comment because you seemed to be wondering if there is anybody out there. The answer is YES.
Just got a ukulele for my birthday and am now trying to research the best way to learn to play. Your website has a lot of info and I will be going through a lot of the more recent entries on your blog.
Thanks for doing this work for me.

Jim D'Ville said...

Hey, Gary, I had a chance to interview Bob at the NAMM show in January about the release of these new DVDs. I too just purchased the set and I agree that they are very well done. I'll be posting the interview on my new Play Ukulele By Ear website in early March.

Gary said...


Remind me when you do, and I'll link to it. I still need to get a set of yours. I've been remiss.


Gary said...

Thank you, Diane, it is indeed nice to know that someone is out there! Ukulelia is a labor of love, and I am only to pleased to have helped you pursue your new hobby!

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John said...
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