Monday, February 27, 2012

George Clooney Plays the Ukulele

This just in, via The Daily Beast:
"For the relaunch of Newsweek’s iPad App, photographer Gavin Bond filmed George Clooney, Viola Davis, Charlize Theron and other actors from our Oscar Roundtable interacting directly with your iPad screen. In this video, Clooney hums a Hawaiian ditty while playing the ukulele." 
Well, not really, but if you're a George Clooney fan, I'm sure you'll be happy. If you're Hawaiian, you may be happy that Clooney didn't win the Best Actor Oscar. The app is free to Newsweek subscribers. Now I just need an iPad.

Info at The Daily Beast.

h/t Check out the junk uke sent to members of the press for The Descendants.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Forget about Clooney. A member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and Ukulele Cabaret alumnus received an Oscar for best song.

Tom said...

Yeah, forget Clooney and check out Dwayne Johnson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He plays a 'mysterious island' version of What a Wonderful World on the uke.

Unknown said...
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