Sunday, May 05, 2013

Oakland’s Ukulele Love-In

Mana Maddy. Photo by Sara Bernard
I live just thru the Caldecott Tunnel from Oaktown. How is it that I just heard about this?

Nice article and podcast post about Madeline Tasquin Streicek (aka Mana Maddy) and the East Bay Ukulele Love-In, a monthly jam she hosts at Actual Café in Oakland.

Next gathering is Saturday evening, May 11, 2013. Then the group will be on hiatus until September, resuming on the second Sunday of the month. So if you'd like to overdose on Ukulele Love next Saturday, come to my Ukulele Jam in the Big Room at Lamorinda Music in Lafayette (jam at 3:15, preceded by a free intro class at 2:00). Then let your uke cool down and head back through the tunnel to meet up with with Maddy.


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