Friday, March 27, 2009

Live From the Cicada Club

Live from Maxwell DeMille's World Famous Cicada Club in Los Angeles, California, through the Miracle of Electronic Television, it's Ian Whitcomb and The Bungalow Boys. Two hours of musical entertainment, for your dancing pleasure! Set One. Set Two.

Ian and the Boys will be back at the Cicada Club on April 5, 2009! Link

(Thanks, Ian!)


ronhale said...

Watched both sets a while back, a pleasure indeed. Didn't realize until Ian introduced him, that the guitarist is Fred Sokolow. Truly a special "night out."

ronhale said...

Also to be enjoyed are two Cicada Club sets by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys (including Ian Whitcomb). And Maxwell DeMille is straight out of Central Casting.

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