Monday, March 02, 2009

Roy Smeck Tabs

Ukulele Dav has cracked a bunch of Roy Smeck chestnuts and has posted the tabs and reference mp3s on his site. Also included are some Bob Brozman (Ukulele Spaghetti) and Vincent Cortese (Waltz of Yesteryear) favorites. Click on the title of the tune for more information about the tablatures.

I am particularly grateful for Dav's transcriptions of 12th Street Rag. I've set proficiency on this standard as my next challenge. It seems to be all right hand, and a good opportunity to put together all the bits and pieces of more complicated strums that I've been working on, but which, alas, still remain as bits and pieces.

As reference links, Dav has found all the useful stuff I've been bookmarking, too, including Woodshed's collection over on Uke Hunt, Dominator's transcription of Fleastomper's version, and Marcy Marxer's extremely helpful video lesson over on YouTube. Finally, Dav lends a hand with the basics with this pdf, showing the characteristing melody strum, and this midi so you can hear it at learning speed.

Three cheers for Dav! Viva la Smeckeries! (via King David Ukulele Station)


Anonymous said...

Hot! Thanks, Gary!

Unknown said...
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