Tuesday, March 17, 2009

True Love Don't Weep

Listening to the new CD by James Hill and Anne Davidson is like having a shower of melodies and harmonies raining down on me from somewhere up in Canada. "True Love Don't Weep" is the name of the CD. I like rain, it washes away all of the trials and tribulations of your past and leaves you clean and shiny, facing the future.

And this is how I feel about this CD; his first full length collaboration with cellist Anne Davidson is like being baptized all over again (if music is your religion, otherwise it's just like falling in the river...). James and Anne do some killer harmonies, weaving their voices in and out on songs "One More Lie to Love" (by James) and Oh! Susanna(a sensational arrangement of the song by Stephen Foster).

I don't think I have to talk about James great technical proficiency on the ukulele...I was impressed by his tasteful restraint on this CD. That, and his amazing slide work...yow. Anne's cello is a lovely counterpoint to the ukulele, and both instruments get plenty of space to work.

Of course, having musicians like John Kavanagh, David Myles and Chambers Doane watching your back doesn't hurt at all.

What slammed me in the face about this CD was...the vocals. James' and Anne's voices are welded together on some songs and soar apart on others. Darker than any of his other work (and I DO like that), "True Love..." is still extremely accesible.

Go. Go buy it now.



Anonymous said...

Restraint. Good for him. Leave the flying-fingered fools to fester on the fringes where such inanity is feted. The less ukulele speed-porn the better...If true love don't weep, what do it do?

Anonymous said...

It never says your sorry.... Ukester Brown

Anonymous said...

Now I gotta buy after a listen.. Ukester Brown again

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