Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Uke Film Oddity

"The greatest film ever made"? You decide. But Sid Laverents's "Multiple Sidosity" is the only amateur-made film included in The Library of Congress's National Film Registry. And it certainly sounds cool:

"The movie opens in Sid’s living room as he and his wife Adelaide are enjoying Christmas. Sid opens a bulky present as she looks on...it’s a reel to reel two track recorder! After his wife chides him to save the ribbons he starts experimenting. He uses a metronome and records himself whistling and playing ukulele...Then the magic happens: we hear a brilliantly executed multi-track recording of the peppy song “Nola” (all instruments and singing done by Sid...).

"And accompanying the music are visuals that for decades have astounded and confounded the rare audiences that have seen this film. Whenever a new instrument or verse is introduced, by use of inventive black mat multiple exposures, we see two, four and eventually ten little heads of Sid playing different instruments simultaneously...

"This brilliant, joyous film is almost impossible to describe. All I can do is vigorously urge you to see the movie any way you can."

Screen shots from the film are here. Sid is still around, and you can order a copy of his films from him directly (address, etc. at this Link.) Discuss (via bananaslug)

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