Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Ukulele TV Documentary Opportunity

Hans van Dam, maker of the fantastic resource, the Ukulele Chordfinder is shooting a TV documentary about how ukers use the Chordfinder. If you're on the Big Island, drop Hans an email.

"Dear Ukulele Friends,

To promote our (non-profit) activities we want to broadcast a documentary on Dutch Television on how people all over the world make use of the Ukulele Chordfinder. In the period of December 28th 2003 until January 9th 2004 we will be visiting Hawaii the Big Island, birthground of the Ukulele.

Which of you ukulele friends wants to tell/show/explain us something of your ukulele activities on the Big Island. We will be hounered to meet you on the Big Island in the above mentioned period and shoot some scenes for our TV documentary. Please send us a reply if you are willing to help us out on this.

Mahalo on behalf of the Sheep-entertainment team, Hans van Dam"

Discuss (via ukulelestan)

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