Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Gyllene Tider

Checking in on the uke scene in Sweden, we have Gyllene Tider featuring ukulele on their new song "Tuffa Tider" ("Tough Times").
"Almost always when you get your hands on a new, unfamiliar instrument there is a new idea for a song!! It happened when I bought my first Rickenbacker 12-string 1982 (from Basse Wickman!). Then I wrote 'Vandrar i ett sommarregn' that same night. Same thing here. I bought a ukulele after I had seen a documentary about George Harrison (seems he never traveled without a ukulele, bless his soul!!!) and I sat down trying to figure out the logic and learn some chords... and... 'Tuffa tider' was born in fifteen minutes..."
There's a clip here on the Gyllene Tider website (track 2.).

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