Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Idiot Savant Ukulele Craftsman?

Cool blog entry about finding mysterious ukes at an Oregon Goodwill store...and an encounter with a bizarre scab-covered woman who steals away with the author's heart-shaped uke.

" the new Seneca Goodwill I found something wonderful in the miscellaneous Halloween bin. A ukulele. A homemade ukulele, with a mysterious glyph on the head. A homemade ukulele, sans frets but with geared tuners, painted pink with house paint and decorated with red foil star stickers, and shaped like a heart.

And it was six dollars. YES. There were a couple of other uke-like things in the bin, without strings or tuners or ways to attach strings to them, all with the same mysterious head glyph and the same kinds of household paint jobs. It was as though some idiot savant ukulele craftsman a few Goodwills upstream of us made wonderful if twisted ukes, then released them out into the wild."

(This is the result of a search on BananaSlug using my pal Steve Nelson's new "A.Word.A.Day" function. Today it paired "ukulele" with "idiot savant." Check it out.) Link

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