Monday, June 14, 2004

King of Flukes!

Ukulelia pal John King writes:
"Jim Beloff asked me in December to do a classical book and CD for his Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Masters series and I wanted to use a Fluke for the recording so I asked Dale Webb to send a stock plastic fretboard model, which sounded great. I used it for the recording and loved it. When we were in Santa Cruz Dale asked me if I could use a 17-fret Fluke; it arrived Friday. He said he had few more of the 17 fret fingerboards and I thought some of your readers might be interested."
The extended fretboards are made of rosewood (rather than the standard issue and serviceable molded ones). If you're interested in ordering a 17 fret Fluke, John suggests that you inquire over at the Fleamarket Music site.

I understand that using a Fluke for the recording was John's idea. He wanted the book to be accessible, and for players to know that they didn't have to have an expensive uke to sound great. Watch here for news about the release of the John's Ukulele Masters book!

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