Monday, August 01, 2005

My Day at DaSilva

I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Mike DaSilva's shop attending one of Byron Yasui's workshops. Randall Wright dropped by and did a handstand on his new DaSilva bamboo uke.

Later, while we were all hanging out, talking story, a lady drops in with a uke that she picked up for her 4 year old at Goodwill. (You know where this is going...) Found it at the bottom of a box filled with kids toys. Marked $3.99, but since it was missing a tuning peg, she haggled and got it for 99 cents. Brought it by Mike's to see what it would cost to put the c. 1920 Leonardo Nunes in playing condition for the kid.

O! Ukulele Karma, where art thou?

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