Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mareva Galanter: Ukulele Goddess

If there is a Ukulele Goddess, her name is Mareva.

Meet (and worship) Mareva Galanter, whose recent CD "Ukuyeye" is a real jaw-dropper.

Born in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia, Ms Galanter was crowned Miss Tahiti in 1998, and Miss France in 1999.

Okay, you could fall in love with her just because she's stunningly beautiful. But check out her music and her videos and you'll find her wit, her style, her Jenny Say Kwa--even her Jack Russell terrier, Umi--entirely captivating. I've been listening to "Ukuyeye" constanly on my iPod over the past week. Oui, oui, si bon!

Here is a link to the Ukuyeye site. And don't miss Mareva's official site. (Hello Kitty! lovers be sure to watch the "Hotel Kittyfornia" video on the "passé" page.) Finally, meet Mareva on

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