Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Close it real tight…

Pascal Fricke
from Germany sent me this lovely tune today…
He says:
“here's a little tune I recorded today. It is called Little Box Of Sadness. What you hear is a single concert uke ( koaloha ), a bassline played on a Resonator guitar, and some percussion in the middle part ( Zarb & Framedrums )

this is a little box of sadness.
put your sadness in here and close the top real tight.
you might feel better afterwards.”



The Bootleg Toot Band said...

Beautiful and lovely to hear you playing the uke again Pascal. I think you fell in love with the uke more than you might have imagined you would?


Gary said...

Wow. Nice to hear someone working the beauty of the instrument! Well done, Pascal! Gp

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