Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tickler Ukulele T-Shirt

Ukuleles figure prominently in fine artiste and Ukulelia pal Amy Crehore's work. She recently painted (and quickly found a buyer for) a custom uke, dubbed the Tickler Ukulele. Amy sez she's currently at work on a second Tickler, this time an instrument of her own design which will likewise receive the gentle application of the Crehorian brush.

So, while we await the unveiling of her new uke, Amy teases us with the Tickler Ukulele T-Shirt, available at her site (and likely to be more affordable than the next uke).

As a clown and ukulele player, I love the way Amy combines Pierrot's neuter eroticism with equally eros-charged tropical Columbines. Amy's brush technique and use of velvety textures invites the viewer to caress her subjects. Alas, chaste Pierrot, the tiny monk receives Columbine's touch! But you can get the T-shirt...

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