Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back When the Tiple Was Teh Gay

From the new Google/Life Magazine archive, here's a photo of Mrs. Myrtle Graesch playing her tiple in a Gay 90's review at at the Juliette Fowler Home for the Aged back in 1958.

It strikes me that these folks prolly were in their teens or early twenties in the 1890s, so this would have been revisiting their heyday. A few things I love about this picture:
  • How the lady on the far left is copping a feel of her partner's thigh
  • The torchiere immediately behind her. (My grandparents' living rooms were filled with them. Now you only see this kind in funeral homes or at Restoration Hardware.)
  • The Last Supper print on the wall
  • The lady in the print dress to the right of the tiple. (I sat in many laps like hers as a tot. And her bosom frightens me as much today as it did then. That's back when ladies had bosoms. I think today they're prevented by modern brassiers.)
  • And Mrs. Myrtle herself. (I think she was my elementary school principal, or her twin.)

(With thanks to Michael "Formerly of the Ukulele Occasional" Simmons for confirming the identity of the tiple.)

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