Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greg Hawkes Released

We drove through the dark and barren wastes of Burlington, Massachusetts. It
was a bitterly cold November night, but the parking lot was full when we arrived.

Where? You ask. It was the CD Release party for Greg Hawkes newest, all ukulele CD called “The Beatles Uke”. The room was crowded with friends and acquaintances. After some drinking and noshing, Greg got on stage with an array of ukuleles and started his set with a Cars tune. After about 45 minutes he called his son and daughter and two other teens up on stage, handed them ukuleles and they all played “My Best Friend’s Girl” to end the set.
There was an intermission and then Greg came back on and was joined by Tim Mann. They did another rousing set of mostly Beatles songs, ending with “Drive”, a wonderful Cars tune that Greg does a tremendous job on.
Get his new CD.

1 comment:

Gary said...

What? Macca made no appearance? Bummer. But hats off to Greg!

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