Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Pass the Donuts"

Can't wait for Gerald Ross to deconstruct this one.


UPDATE: Don't miss Gerald's Cold War history lesson in the comments!


Anonymous said...

"How about a bismarkulele dear?" "But dear all I wanted was a bakers dozen cinnamon sugar ukulele holes." "Would you like a little snack son? No thanks I had Tenor eleven donuts at the party." Ukester Brown

Gerald Ross said...

Ok, here goes.

There are a number of "interesting" locations and situations in the ad. This is not an innocent donut ad.

1. The couple in the back leaning in... They were obviously somewhere else a minute ago. Where? An obvious subliminal sexual overtone. All ads need at least a bit of sex.

2. Look at the leaning guy's too-long left arm. Nobody's arm is that long.
Follow where his arm ends up. It ends up behind the back of the obvious Cuban ukulele player.
Why it's a young Desi Arnaz! But it's not really Desi. It's
a Desi Arnaz ventriloquist dummy and the "leaning guy" is controlling his every move. This ad came out in the late 50's when
the USA lost it's control over Cuba. The leaning guy symbolizes the desire of the USA to still control Cuba and it' vast
natural resources - i.e., sugar cane (donuts).

3. Look at the legs in the lower left hand corner. At first glance one assumes they belong to the donut eating boy above them.
But look at the angle the boy is positioned at. If you were to draw in the rest of his body and attach it to the legs he would be something like eight feet tall. Those aren't his legs. The legs are clad in gray flannel. An obvious reference to corporate America still wanting to maintain control over Cuba.

4. What is raising up between the legs of Desi? At first glance the viewer assumes soda bottles. Closer inspection reveals the
outlines of nuclear missles
obviously foreshadowing the looming Cuban missle crisis.

Gary said...

Really disappointed, Gerald.

You completely missed the Cuban rum and Coke connection. And the United Fruit Company reference, viz, the banana plant on the mantel. It's Capitalism v. Communism, of course: buying donuts from your baker (Capitalism): good; being forced to make them yourself--or for the state (Communism!): bad.

Then, of course, we have the obvious art direction error: that of giving young Ricky/Puppet the wrong style uke. Clearly he's meant to be holding a pineapple uke. Looking at the headstock and the proximity of Betty Co-ed's cocoanuts, we now understand the (cocoanut) milk/pineapple connection, another reference to Cuban rum and the delicious and most refreshing Pina Colada. Then, dear Gerald, you failed to note the overt political reference in the headline. Party? What party? Why, the GOP, of course. Which is confirmed by the presence of young Sandra Day O'Connor in the yellow (rose of Texas) outfit. QED.

Gerald Ross said...

Very good Gary. I like the way you think.

But you missed the obvious link between this ad and the one I commented about on the Flea Market Board. And that is...

Look at young Desi's left hand. It has six fingers. The "strange loner boy" in the hayride ad had six fingers as well. Why do the obvious "outsiders" in these ads have six fingers? Aliens? Area 51?

The surname Castro has SIX letters.

Area 51... Five plus one equals what? SIX!

A guitar has SIX strings. A ukulele has four. Four plus two equals what? SIX!

Desi Arnaz died in nineteen eighty SIX!

How many donuts are in a half dozen? SIX!

Substitute an "E" for the "I" in Six and what do you get? SEX.

Gary said...

"Enjoy yourself with donuts!" indeed. How did I miss this connotation?

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