Friday, December 11, 2009

Maestrosities Juggle Ukes

Check out this video of The Coolest Band Ever, The Maestrosities. See if your heart stops about 1:50 mark when they juggle and pass 6 ukuleles. Mine did. Then I realized they're prolly not vintage Martins.

The Maestrosities also have some upcoming NY shows. More info here.

UPDATE: Jason from Sonic Uke sez "it's only two but we play them too." At least they didn't drop the towel.


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff-- I've gotta go to their site now... Ukester Brown

ted/sonic uke said...

Its only two but we play them too :P

zaza said...

Many years ago (20?) I saw two Americans on Dutch tv juggling six ukuleles. All strings were tuned differently, and while juggling they plucked the strings and played some classical piece. Not THAT was impressive! I've been trying to find that clip but to no avail. Anyone?

Gary said...

Zaza, are these the guys?

zaza said...

YES, that's got to be it! GREAT! Thanks for the link, much appreciated.

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