Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gary Responds to the Ron Hale Challenge

Ron Hale recently thew down the gauntlet and challenged me to find a better video from 2010 than Danielle Ate the Sandwich's version of Bad Romance (see post below). While I'm working to prove to Ron that I am not a "mere poseur," here is one of my greatest video discoveries of all time. I've updated the links so they're live again (as of today). You'll find it here, at my 2007 post, Ukulele at the Dawn of the Talkies. Enjoy.

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Ron Hale said...

I remember that video from my earliest ukulele days when I pored over Ukulelia page by page by page. Good stuff.

Some more good stuff, Gary. If you haven't been to Jeff's Humble Baritonics site and seen the Shara Worden Studio 360 video yet, get thee hence and pronto. This is my favorite for the new year, and the song and her performance define 'exquisite'. This is what angels sound like when they uke.

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