Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Aloha, Kahauanu Lake

Hawaiian mele and ukulele master Kahauanu Lake died last Sunday at the age of 79. John Berger has a nice tribute here in the Star-Advertiser. Here's an earlier profile of Uncle K, also by Berger.

Uncle K was a man of many accomplishments, and will be remembered by many as the composer (with Mary Kawena Pukui) of Pua Lililehua for his wife Ma'iki.

"The lililehua is the red sage brush flower (salvia coccinea). It is also the name of the wind and rain in Palolo Valley, and the name of a maiden who resided in the valley that was courted by a mo`o." Link

An excellent and simple ukulele arrangement of Pua Lililehua was recently tabbed and posted by Al Wood on Uke Hunt. You'll want to also watch this video of John King performing his version, which has been tabbed by whetu and posted on the Ukulele Underground forum.

Mahalo and aloha, Kahauana Lake.
Ha`ina mai ka puana

E ka pua lili lehua

A he `ipo ho`ohenoheno

E ho`ohihi ai no ka mana`o

This story is told for you

O sage blossom

A cherished sweetheart

That attracts the mind

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