Sunday, March 20, 2011

Senior Uke Club, 1926

Looks like the Senior Ukulele Club at George Westinghouse High School was pretty popular. Link


Ron Hale said...

By my (admittedly) quick count, Gary, I see two Fleas, one Fluke,
two Flying V's (bet they're pink, too), five dolphins (pink, no doubt), a Sceptre, and help me out on this, I can't be certain, but is there one of those Dairy Queen ukes here, too? I think so.

I'll bet they did one heck of a 'Bad Romance' when they got going. But this brings to mind a video that Jeff posted a while back of the San Mateo High School Uke Club (I believe) doing a tune. All girls...Boys weren't so shy at George Westinghouse, it seems.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was just like GLEE... you know a bunch of losers who are secretly awesome? I only have watched bits, but that seems the jest. Very Neat Photo!
Ukester Brown

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