Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mickey Rat Lunchbox-a-Lele?

"Beachless Bob" Armstrong, Cheap Suit Serenader and creator of Mickey Rat had this to say about the R. Crumb Devil Girl Lunchbox-a-Lele I blogged about earlier this week (see below):

"Thanks for sending me the link to this Devil Girl lunch box uke. These are cute and so appealing to a novelty loving guy such as myself. However I can't imagine them sounding like much. Perhaps I'm missing the point.

Now if someone were to approach me with the idea of doing a Mickey Rat lunch box I would insist that they include a few sound enhancing elements inside the lunch box such as a half rotten baloney sandwich, partially gnawed Twinkie and a thermos containing the cocktail of the day.

The player of the Mickey Rat lunch box ukulele would then be ready to serenade the others during their lunch hour until they would gladly give up their lunch money to terminate the concert.


------>BoB "

I'd pay cash money to see that!

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