Friday, December 01, 2006

Ukulele Kommissionen

I have no idea what avslappnadding or sammanslutning are, but there sure are some swell links and images here.
Ukulelekommissionen är, trots det något formella namnet, en avslappnad sammanslutning av ukuleleentusiaster.
Avslappnad Away!


Update: I fear I may have sparked an unintentional controversy over on the Ukulele Kommissionen forum. I wish there were better Swedish/English translation engines online, because there's clearly an active an enthusiastic uke community in Sweden. If you are a ukuleleentusiaster, welcome to Ukulelia, where every day is Våffeldagen. (Oops, that'll probably get me in dutch, too. Did I say "dutch"?)

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