Friday, April 22, 2005

Robert Newman

According to this article British commedian Robert Newman's current show, "Apocalypso Now" features our favorite instrument.
"The blurb for Apocalypso Now says: "Warning: This Show Contains Ukulele?" Is this true?

Oh, yes. I've been doing ukulele songs on stage for a couple of years now.

The ukulele came into my life only a few years ago, but it has been one of those late-flowering love affairs which take you by surprise."

Strictly speaking it's a banjolele, but the same instrument is what George Formby called a ukulele... and that's good enough for me.

The marriage between me and the ukulele was blessed by good luck. Last year at a flea market at Lauderdale House, I found sheaves of ukulele sheet music from the 1920s with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations on the front, and the fellah was selling them for 35p each!

Since then, however, I have been Asbo-ed, for once too often playing You, Just You (by Larry Yoell, Herb Scharlin and Al Jacobs, Keithe Prowse & Co Music, 6d net). This is thought to be the only foxtrot-related Asbo."


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