Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ukulele Ceilidh

Now here's a cross-cultural rhyme that I'll wager has not heretofore been constructed. (Say "oo-koo-lay-lee-kay-lee"!)

Here is a site promoting the First International Ukulele Ceilidh in Nova Scotia coming up in October, 2005:

"Ukulele idols, gurus, virtuosi etc. who have accepted our invitation include:  our own J. Chalmers Doane, James Hill, Manitoba Hal who is offering a ukulele blues workshop, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who are longing to try the lobster,  also invited are Risa of Germany, Dave Means of Glyph Custom 'Ukuleles and we will add to the list as they rsvp (come on Joe Brown, let us have your answer soon!)

"The weekend will include workshops, good food, fine company, jamming sessions,  a wonderful combined concert on the Saturday night, a ukulele making demonstration and clinic, a Sunday morning ukulele hymn sing or Formby moviethon (depending on one's religion!) and of course what you all are really asking for - plenty of opportunities to play together.  Add to that the inauguration of the Ukulele Hall of Fame in Nova Scotia and this will be a FIRST you will want to be part of."

Why Nova Scotia, you ask? "Nova Scotia is the cradle of the Ukulele in Canada, thanks to J Chalmers Doane," sez James Hill. Link

Oh, and while we're talking GCEA, eh, let's point out that Manitoba Hal is once again presenting the Great Canadian Ukulele Expo on May 7, 2005 in Winnipeg.

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