Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Mysterious Bobby Henshaw

Bobby Henshaw, it seems, is a shadowy figure from the ukey past. He endorsed a line of ukes which, while not Martins, are collectible nonetheless. There have been several inquiries about Henshaw to Frets Fayne over on the Collector's Uke Yak over the years.

Bobby "Uke" Henshaw was a vaudevillian who later endorsed a line of ukes bearing his name. We've found a couple of useful genealogy links here and here. Until recently, the only photo we've seen was this one, which Frets said "looks like one of the 3 stooges or a very late picture of Zachery Taylors wife."

Now one of Fret's readers had turned up two promotional photos of Bobby from 1950. He was making a personal appearance at a Houston movie house in conjunction with an amateur ukulele contest. Evidently the $2,000 in prize money wasn't enough to draw publicity for the theatre (that'd be around $16,000 today). So Uke was reduced to pushing a peanut with his nose.

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