Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ukulelia Can Make You Famous, er

A few days ago we blogged about Hailey Wojcik, a former Lansing, MI uker who has taken her act to the Big Apple.

Sez, Hailey, Jason Tagg from Sonic Uke saw her write-up on these pages and offered her a slot in TONIGHT'S New York Ukulele Cabaret:
Saturday, June 9 2007
Stage 43 at Jimmy's
43 East 7th Street
East Village, NY
Hailey promises there'll be some new song on her MySpace page soon, perhaps even some music videos, too. Rock on, Hailey, and break a leg tonight!

Big show. Don't miss it.

UPDATE: Nipper sez you can catch Hailey on the latest Ukecast podcast (number 218). (Thanks, Nipper!)


Nipper said...

You can hear Hailey on this weeks 'Ukecast' Podcast.

Nipper (Ukulele Revolutionary)

Gary said...

Thanks, Nipper, I just updated the post!

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