Friday, August 03, 2007

John King in SF Saturday

(Apologies for the fugly post...busy day!)

Hope to see you there!

Museum of Craft and Folk Art: "Public Programs at the Museum,
Free with Admission

Saturday, August 4, 2 pm | A special lecture and concert by John King, noted 'ukulele virtuoso and historian. King will speak about the history of the 'ukulele and how it became a national craze at San Francisco's 1915 Panama Pacific International Exhibition. Accompanied by guitarist Richard Long, King will be playing classical 19th century music on the 'ukulele and on the machete, the instrument from the island of Madeira originally brought to Hawaii that became the 'ukulele. "



Jim Bradbury said...

I'll be there for sure!

Gary said...

Folks, if you missed this, you missed a remarkable and memorable event. My brain got 50% bigger after John's lecture on the machete.


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