Saturday, May 03, 2008

DQ Uke is Buffett's Sunshine

Today was the annual Berkshire Hathaway "owners' meeting" in Omaha, and the world's wealthiest ukulele player got off to an early start by swinging by the Dairy Queen booth at the Qwest Center to strum his Talsma DQ Uke.

This DQ uke is actually the second of two made by Michigan luthier Dave Talsma. The first was auctioned off to support the Children's Miracle Network, Dairy Queen's corporate charity. I came up with the basic design of the DQ Uke and commissioned Dave to build it. While the uke looks like a novelty, let me tell you that it is a fantastic piece of lutherie. But don't take my word for it. Take Mr. Buffett's. He wrote me a nice note recently and waxed poetically about it. I have it from reliable sources that he's even serenaded Berkshire Hathaway staffers with "You Are My Sunshine."

Anyway, Mr. B liked the first DQ Uke so much that he hated to part with it (so did I; he almost didn't get it!) and promptly ordered a second for his personal collection. He likes it so much he even had a custom display case made for it (and Dave was gracious enough to provide all the necessary measurements from his plans so the uke never left Mr. B's office while the case was being made).

I wish I could have gone to the meeting this year. It would have been fun to strum a few bars with Mr. Buffett. But family and Masonic charity obligations kept me in town this weekend. Maybe next year!

Video at the link

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